Média a demokracie

16. konference Forum 2000


Videozáznamy ze 16. konference Forum 2000 „Společnosti v přerodu“, která se uskutečnila ve dnech 21.–23. října 2012.

Václav Havel’s Legacy

Conference Opening and Václav Havel: The Powerful Powerless

Václav Havel as a Media Practitioner

Václav Havel’s Civil Society 

The Changing Role of the Media

Changing Role of the Media

The Future of the Media in Asia

Media Choice, Polarization and Democracy

Media as a Religion

Media (R)evolution: Media Changes in Central Europe

Balkans: The Changing Role of the Media

Media and Freedom

Media and Freedom

The Persistent Influence of State-Dominated Media and the Challenge to Democracy

Cuba: Public Space in a Closed Society

Accessing Free Information in China: Challenges and Perspectives

Democracy and Media in Russia and Closing of the Conference

The Role of Media in Burma on the Path to Democracy

Media and Responsibility

Human Rights and the Media

Do We (Still) Trust Media?

Media, Responsibility and Ethics 

Media, Culture and Civil Society Development 

Media and the Economy

Changing Media Business Models

Media, Economy and Politics 

Special Focus

Issues and Solutions for the Bottom Billion

Hungary: Still a Democracy?

Women Leaders Panel

Venezuela After the Presidential Election

The Changing Role of Intellectuals in Today’s World 

Other Events

Breakfast with Vesna Pusić

Breakfast with Dr. SU Chi 

Gala Dinner with Paul Wilson 


Videopozdrav od Jeho Svatosti dalajlamy 
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Videopozdrav od Yoani Sánchez

Videopozdrav od Aun Schan Su Ťij 
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