NGO Market 2021

The Week for the Non-Profit Sector


Non-profit organizations share a desire to change and positively influence the world around them. But what does it actually mean, and what is their motivation to take action?

People behind non-profit organizations have their eyes and hearts wide open. They not only see the problems but also have the courage to find a way to solve them. It is their sense of empathy and initiative that stand behind their actions. The non-profits organizations they establish become places where people sharing this motivation meet to achieve their goals and want to achieve them together.

We launched the #sharethetruth initiative (#sdilimpravdu in Czech) as an accompanying program of the Week for the Non-Profit Sector 2021. Our aim is to provide real and reliable information about the non-profit organizations and, most importantly, about the cornerstones on which they are built.

We would like to encourage all those who keep the non-profit sector close to their hearts to share their opinions and experiences. By sharing them, you will help us fighting the myths and stereotypes about non-profit organizations. Share your stories and join our polite and constructive discussion on our Facebook NGO Market!

We wish the truth to have the space to take root peacefully and deep in our society and be an inspiration to have our eyes and hearts wide open.

You can now watch recordings from this year's Week for the Non-profit Sector. Check them out to find inspiration for your own non-profit organization and learn about what problems the non-profit organizations are trying to solve in our society and what strategies they adopt.