NGO Market 2021

The Week for the Non-Profit Sector

NGO Market 2021 - Video Recordings

Take a look at the video recordings of debates and workshops that we have prepared for you within the NGO Market 2021 - Week for the non-profit sector.


NGO Market 2021 - spot

Workshop: Sustainability and resilience – how to fulfill your mission in the long term?

Debate: What does “good” look like?

Workshop: How to keep and support the inner motivation of employees and volunteers in NGOs

Debate: Has the pandemic changed how the donors perceive the role of non-profit organizations?

Workshop: How to reach the public in 20 seconds? Examples of inspirational spots and offer of spot campaigns for non-profit organizations on Czech Television

Debate: Is the Czech Republic ready to implement the European Green Deal?

Debate: New challenges in elderly care