NGO Market 2021

The annual Non-profit Fair

About the Project

We strongly believe that non-governmental organizations are one of the key factors in the development of strong civic society.

The NGO Market has long sought to ensure that the activities of non-profit organizations are not being downplayed or neglected. And we have been upholding a strong and stable position for non-profit organizations within our civil society.

The 22nd NGO Market will take place on 26 May 2021 in Pražská tržnice.

NGOs active in education, volunteering, human rights, environmental and other issues are given an opportunity to present their activities to broad public, establish new partnerships, address potential sponsors and volunteers, and even gain valuable know-how needed for successful NGO-management.

The fair traditionally offered visitors a rich accompanying program full of workshops, seminars and practical demonstrations of work of approximately 180 non-governmental non-profit organizations and governmental organizations, as well as private companies that share interest in the direction of the development of civil society.

Check out our website and follow our Facebook profile to get up-to-date information on the registration and the program of the 2021 NGO Market!

A selection of photographs from the NGO Market

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