NGO Market 2021

The Week for the Non-Profit Sector

About the Project

Non-profit organizations are essential for a robust civil society, and their presence is an indicator of a healthy and democratic country. The NGO Market has long sought to ensure that the activities of non-profit organisations are not being downplayed or neglected. For years, we have been working to highlight the non-profit sector and to foster a societal perception of the non-profit sector as an irreplaceable part of civil society.

Due to the pandemic, we held this year's Week for the Non-Profit Sector as a fully online event. 

The 22nd NGO Market was held online due to the epidemiological situation. This year's Week for the Non-Profit Sector took place on April 19-23, 2021, and was aimed at both non-profit sector specialists and the general audience. For the non-profit organizations, we offered professional workshops and one inspiring professional course. During five fantastic debates, we have discussed the situation of non-profit organizations and the impact of the pandemic on their activities. Guests from the Czech Republic and abroad shared their experience from working in the non-profit sector. The discussions were also open to the general audience. The #sdilimpravdu initiative brings together insights about the essentials of working in the non-profit sector. Volunteering is the topic of the latest episode of our Mluvme spolu podcast. Check it out to learn about how to become a volunteer.

Sustainability, charity, goodness, motivation, courage, responsibility, creativity, respect, dignity, joy - these are the words that this year's NGO Market gave a concrete meaning thanks to great speakers, moderators, and this year's partners.

NGO Market is part of the Let's Talk Together (in czech Mluvme spolu) project. You can look forward to its second part the Democracy Festival in the autumn (October 9-15, 2021).



Thank you for being with us and for helping us to spread the good together.


NGO Market is part of the Mluvme spolu (eng. Let's talk together) project. You can look forward to its second part - the Festival of Democracy in autumn (October 9 – 15, 2021). 

A selection of photographs from previous years of the NGO Market