Festival of Democracy 2020

Associated Program of the Forum 2000 Conference

Festival of Democracy 2020

The associated program of the 24th Forum 2000 Conference
October 8-15, 2020, Prague and other cities


The Festival of Democracy is the associated program of the Forum 2000 Conference. Our mission is to celebrate civic activity as a cornerstone of a free and democratic society. We want to inspire public discussion about the responsibility of citizens for society, about tolerance and respect for human rights, about the world we want to live in and about democracy. We want to learn to listen and speak with each other because our shared future is in our hands.


Our vision is to create an annual national tradition of the Festival of Democracy with international crossover. A festival during which current issues are discussed and ideas and visions for our democratic future are put forward in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries; an event in which everyone who upholds democratic values will need to take part.

Festival of Democracy 2020

The Festival of Democracy is thematically linked to the 24th Forum 2000 Conference which will be held in Prague on October 11 – 13, 2020. The conference with the title A New World Emerging? Restoring Responsibility and Solidarity will discuss the need to restore responsibility and solidarity in a rapidly transforming world.

As the ongoing pandemic shows, the international community seems tragically unprepared to jointly address the growing global challenges. Transatlantic cooperation has been weakened and global democracies have been divided by individual interests and domestic political concerns. A number of countries have still not overcome the wave of populism, radicalism, and self-centered nationalism, which may only worsen as economies falter. Meanwhile, authoritarian regimes are either sowing disorder, ruthlessly pursuing their long term power goals at the expense of everyone else, or both. The rapid technological developments create an additional layer of uncertainty and are ever more deeply affecting our societies, while providing authoritarians with a new set of useful tools. 

In spite of the aforementioned, the growing civic – and particularly youth – activism, often environmentally, but also socially and politically motivated, offers hope for more solidarity and perhaps even for a democratic renewal. What are the most responsible approaches towards tackling the current global challenges and imminent threats when it comes to the dramatic post-pandemic fallout, the erosion of the rules-based international order, potential environmental breakdown, or major social and political disruptions caused by the emerging technologies? How to mobilize responsibility? How can we strengthen solidarity and global cooperation? 

What events can I attend?

The program will consist of panel discussions, lectures, film screenings, workshops and cultural events. You can attend any event in any city in the Czech Republic and abroad. Most of our events are free of charge, but some may require a fee. Some events may also require prior registration due to the limited capacity of the venues. All the necessary information will be announced on the Festival website and in the printed program. The Festival of Democracy is a great place to learn new things, to meet interesting people and, last but not least, to have fun. 

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