August 2020

We are updating #Forum2000online interviews!

We have already produced more than 30 #Forum2000online Chats since April 2020 – which means the time has come to move our activities forward! As of September, we will be releasing interviews each Thursday at 4PM CET. You can look forward to your favourite as well as new moderators and topics, which are also going to be addressed at the upcoming Forum 2000 Conference. Do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel since we are also going to publish #Forum2000archive videos on Tuesdays where we share the most interesting thoughts from the previous conferences. 

The world has lost eight democracies in 2019

According to the latest V-Dem report, eight countries lost their democratic form of government in 2019. Also, 35% of the world’s population live in autocratizing nations - which is 2.6 billion people. Anna Lührmann, one of the authors of the report, will be the guest of Jakub Klepal in our #Forum2000online Chat. How will pandemic affect democracies all over the world? Watch the interview next Thursday at 4 PM. 

Belarusian journalist Franak Viacorka on the situation in his country

Situation in Belarus can impact a lot of things globally – it shows the fragility of the system. Belarusian journalist Franak Viachorka talks about the role of social media and digital technologies in the organization of the ongoing protests and also about the possible impacts of those protests on Lukashenko’s regime. Watch the interview led by the Azerbaijani journalist Arzu Geybulla here.

What really lies behind the European populism?

Political scientist Jacques Rupnik uncovers the real causes of European populism in our #Forum2000online interview. He mentions that the strong dissident values more or less vanished and were sidetracked by the economic and technocratic agenda. Where did those democratic values go and why e.g. Slovaks voted for parties called „Ordinary people“ and „We are the family“? Watch the full interview, led by Irena Kalhousová, here.

One of the most influential African women will speak at the Forum 2000 Conference!

Farida Nabourema, writer and political activist is an advocate for democracy and human rights in Togo. In 2019 Nabourema was listed as one of the 4 Crusaders of Democracy in the World by Time magazine and in 2019 she was listed as one of the Most Influential African Women. We are delighted that she will address the 24th Forum 2000 Conference. Meanwhile, you can listen to her TED talk where she shares the four key signs of a dictatorship. 

ICDR Webinar: Women´s equality and equity amid Covid-19

At the ICDR webinar we talked about women who – despite the negative impacts of pandemic – come with solutions for the crisis and take the lead. The webinar was attended e.g. by Jackie Abramian (Founder of Global Cadence) or Nyaradzo Mashayamombe (Executive Director of Ta-LI). Watch the webinar recording here.