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Where is democracy heading? Is our freedom in danger? Inspired by the global COVID-19 lockdown, the #Forum2000online Chats offer interviews with politicians, experts, human rights defenders, journalists and diplomats – relevant and interesting people from the Forum 2000 network - discussing the most significant current developments and looking at how they impact the future of democracy and freedom. Governments tend to accumulate power in times of crisis - and we need to make sure they renounce it, once normalcy returns!
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Kleptocracy: An invincible (and invisible) enemy?
Rostislav Valvoda

Viktor Orbán - An international model for “authoritarian populism”?
Péter Krekó

Rebuilding Ukraine: What money can’t buy
Hanna Hopko

The Chinese threat: Is Taiwan in real danger?
J. Michael Cole

Transnational Repression: Authoritarian tactics to silence dissent across borders
Yana Gorokhovskaia

How Bachelet and the United Nations have failed the Uyghurs in China and the Human Rights
Rushan Abbas

Democracy in Chile: Is the rewrite of the Constitution failing?
Marcel Oppliger

Are the Iranians ready for democracy?
Ladan Boroumand

Civil society in Ukraine and the post-war future
Inna Pidluska

Ukrainian lesson: If you want peace, prepare for war
Dan Schueftan

Countering authoritarianism in the digital space
María Virginia Marín

China-India-Russia: A complicated relationship
Jagannath Panda

War in Ukraine: Brazilian perceptions
Bernardo Sorj

Ukraine won't accept a "puppet regime"
Svitlana Zalishchuk

Putting Transatlantic Relations to the Test
James Lamond

The Summit for Democracy, between controversy and hope
Charles Edel

The need for democratic coordination of foreign policy on human rights
Tinatin Khidasheli & Tomáš Petříček & Yevgeniy Zhovtis

Tackling fake news in the online sphere
Eduardo Magrani

Prospects and challenges of democratization in Africa
Fonteh Akum

American withdrawal from Afghanistan is a challenge for Europe
Gilles Kepel

Germany after elections
Liana Fix

Cuban armed forces wear civilian clothes
Tania Bruguera

Democracy in Central Europe: Under pressure?
Martin Ehl & Vesna Pusić & Adam Bodnar

Data colonialism: Where China and the West diverge
Didi Kirsten Tatlow & Ulises Mejias & Xiao Qiang

The changing media landscape in Ecuador
Ana Karina López 

Elections change nothing in Russia
Konstantin von Eggert

On China's global tech dominance
Didi Kirsten Tatlow

Youth engagement is vital for democracy
Jelena Milutinović

Is independence the remedy for Scotland´s grievances?
Helena Kennedy

On the critical importance of the right to peace
Gulnara Shahinian

Neoliberal systems face the crisis of democracy
Chantal Mouffe

What do recent protests reveal about the Russian civil society?
Leonid Drabkin

Digital authoritarianism in China undermines democratic values
Xiao Qiang

Russian disinformation campaigns distort everyday life in Ukraine
Vitaliy Moroz