About the project

Where is democracy heading? Is our freedom in danger? Inspired by the global COVID-19 lockdown, the #Forum2000online Chats offer interviews with politicians, experts, human rights defenders, journalists and diplomats – relevant and interesting people from the Forum 2000 network - discussing the most significant current developments and looking at how they impact the future of democracy and freedom. Governments tend to accumulate power in times of crisis - and we need to make sure they renounce it, once normalcy returns!
#Forum2000online Chats are released twice a week.


In Latin America, the worst is yet to come.
Daniel Zovatto

Chinese are occupying the empty space left by the Americans. Brazil lacks leadership.
Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Governmental mismanagement of the crisis generates new civic spirit.
Richard Youngs

Argentinian congress has not gathered in 50 days. People protest on social media.
Laura Alonso

Pandemic is weakening the populists. Biden may win the elections with a significant majority.
Yascha Mounk

Hongkongers are ready to protest again. The pandemic strengthened the pro-democratic camp.
Joshua Wong

Cuba needs assistance. Regime responded with repression and the situation is alarming.
Rosa María Payá Acevedo

Congolese military are robbing businesses. China reinforces its influence over Africa.
Andréa Papus Ngombet Malewa

China’s trust deficit has exploded. Democracies will handle the crisis better.
Lobsang Sangay

Chile: Trust in institutions increased, economic impacts may affect the constitutional referendum
Sascha Hannig, Rafael Rincón

Hungary is now a hybrid regime, no longer a democracy. A more critical voice from Berlin would help
Péter Krekó

International order has been very badly hit. Pandemic can either bring it down or inspire new ideas
Amichai Magen

This crisis launched Taiwan onto international arena. China's „punishment“ was blessing in disguise
Ketty W. Chen

Putin's centralized system does not work efficiently in this crisis. That shocked the ruling class
Konstantin von Eggert