Franak Viachorka #Forum2000online

August 13, 2020

Belarus has changed forever and it will never get back as it was before. People who are going to the streets are risking everything. Lukashenko’s regime does not forgive. The main mistake Europe made in political relationship with Belarus was inconsistency, they did not realize they are working with a political animal. Also, there was no unified strategy between Washington and Brussels.

We are entering the phase of turbulence, we are rethinking values, standards, rules, everything. I think that the social contract will be reviewed because of the digital impact which empowered the citizens. The situation in Belarus can impact a lot of things globally – it shows the fragility of the system, says Belarusian journalist Franak Viachorka.

While watching the video, you can turn on  English subtitles. The video was recorded on August 11, 2020.

Last week, The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal initiated a statement that brings attention to the escalating violence in Belarus and supports brave people who demand respect for their rights and freedoms. You can still add your signature to the statement here and show your support. Among the statement's signatories are Timothy Snyder, Agnieszka Holland, Francis Fukuyama, Philip Zimbardo and many others.

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