The Role and Responsibility of NATO After Enlargement

November 14, 2002, Prague

Ball-Game Hall of the Prague Castle

The Forum 2000 Foundation and President Václav Havel have launched the project “Bridging Global Gaps (BGG).” BGG draws upon the tradition of the Forum 2000 conferences, which were held in Prague between the years 1997 and 2001. The aim of the project is to bring together holders of different and often conflicting views to discuss challenging global issues.

BGG project was launched on July 3 this year by a meeting of representatives of world religions. The major event this year was a conference on October 18 – 22, held in Prague Municipal House. It brought together top representatives of international financial institutions and transnational corporations with their respected critics from the civil society community.

The panel discussion on the role of NATO after enlargement was another meeting held within the Bridging Global Gaps Project. This gathering was a good opportunity to open a constructive debate in the Czech Republic about the changed imperative of the NATO, particularly considering the NATO Summit being held in Prague the following week.

The meeting aimed at addressing, among others, the following questions: How did the role and goals of NATO change after the Sept 11? Based on what circumstances can NATO act outside its borders? To whom is NATO accountable? What are the next scenarios of NATO enlargement? Is NATO still Euro-Atlantic organization or is it becoming global?