María Corina Machado #Forum2000online

November 26, 2020

 “96 % of the Venezuelan population live in poverty, with an income of less than 5 $ a month – that is why you have the biggest migration in Latin American history. 6 million Venezuelans have already fled the country.”

Venezuelan politician María Corina Machado was the guest of our #Forum2000online Chat. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend our online Forum 2000 Conference in October due to the energy blackout in Venezuela. According to her words, this situation is quite common and frequent.

Venezuelan parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 6, 2020, but the opposition and the international community agreed there are no conditions for any fair and free elections to take place. The world has to understand that this is a criminal conglomerate that is working against western values, liberal democracies and it is using criminal resources to do so, says politician Machado.

“We certainly need international democratic regimes and governments to support us. The tragedy that is taking place in Venezuela gives no space for indifference, ignorance or naivety anymore. We count on you.”

The interview was recorded on October 21, 2020.