Call to Pledge Gender Equality

December 10, 2020

Today, at the International Human Rights Day ends the campaign of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. We took these 16 days to collect support for the Call to Pledge Gender Equality, which was initiated by the Working Group on Women, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace and Security (WDHRS) of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal.

We invite all individuals (and their organisation) to sign up to this pledge for gender equality. Signing the pledge means that you are committing to always seek ways to promote gender equality on panels or representation opportunities in your organizations, in international meetings and giving women a fair share. It also means committing to end gender-based violence and inequalities and to be an ally for promotion of gender equality. We acknowledge that it is a journey, we do not expect you to be perfect, but to begin the journey.

If you would like to support the Pledge with your name and/or organisation, write to the email and/or

Please find the full text of the Pledge and the list of signatories here.

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