Call to Pledge Gender Equality

November 26, 2020

The Working Group on Women, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace and Security (WDHRS) of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal calls on the Forum 2000 Attendees and World Leaders to lend their name to a united allegiance to ensure a fair and equal representation of women in all future global conferences, meeting, events, and gatherings discussing democracy, peace, human rights and security as moderators, on panels and/or as funded delegation and committees.  By committing to an equal gender dimension on a global level, we can model the true tenets of democracy which include equal representation and begin a new era towards agenda 2030 with perfect and equal vision of women’s representation.

Forum 2000 strives to provide an example and is already making a systematic progress in this regard. Our members will help with monitoring and advice in these efforts. The WDHRS avails itself in months and years to come for the Forum 2000 and all partners and members here present, to provide expertise and support for leaders who want to begin the equality journey in their organizations and companies but do not know how.

Given women’s critical participation and impact on all aspects of peace, democracy, human rights, and security, it is imperative for conference organizers worldwide to ensure a fair or equal number of women speakers, panelists, leaders and experts as equal partners to male counterparts.  In turn WDHRS pledges to compile a comprehensive directory of global women experts and their areas of expertise who can be contacted for future meetings related to the afore mentioned topics.  We will make available the repository of names to participants of the Forum 2000 in 2020 as we celebrate landmark anniversaries on women’s issues and equality (The Beijing Declaration of 1995 celebrates Silver Jubilee). This list will be shared with the Forum 2000 executive office for easy access by all partners here and globally who we hope will be interested.

In working uniformly to fulfill the deserved representation of all issues concerning ALL human beings we can accomplish a peaceful, democratic, secure world where ALL human beings enjoy their deserved basic human rights and equality. 

Yes, I pledge to a united allegiance to include fair or equal number of women experts and speakers in my next conference/meeting/event that I organize or am involved in, and I can reach out for the help of the WDHRS to achieve such:

Signatories as of January 9, 2023:

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe
Maiko Ichihara
Eileen Donahoe
Leyla  Yunus     
Sook Jong Lee  
Gulnara Shahinian
Edipcia Dubón
Vesna   Pusić
Surendra Munshi
Sonja Biserko
Neelam Deo
Ramin Jahanbegloo
Jianli Yang
Walid Salem
Agnieszka Holland
Xiao Qiang
Ron Deibert
Glanis Changachirere
Ondřej  Klimeš
Carlos Fara
Jackie Abramian

Signed organizations as of January 9, 2023:

Tag a Life International (TaLI)    
Dialogue of Women for Democracy        
Institute for Peace and Democracy 
East Asia Institute 
Union Sapari     
Democracy Today