Mobility and European Citizenship

January – May, 2011, Berlin, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Prague, Czech Republic; Krakow, Poland

The goal of the international project “Mobility and European Citizenship” was to enhance the debate about both the mobility of citizens within the European Union and European citizenship. The project mapped forms and possibilities of European mobility, examined its reasons and consequences as well as its impact to the development and perception of European citizenship. The project was based on an exchange of experiences of participants from four different European countries and its result is an overview of internationally used and successful approaches and methods for the promotion of mobility within the frame of the European Union. The project was implemented by four organizations: Forum 2000 Foundation form the Czech Republic, Asha Foundation from the United Kingdom, European Intercultural Forum e.V. form Germany, and Youth Development and Integration Association STRIMfrom Poland.
Under the framework of the project several activities took place in the first half of 2011. Ten representatives of NGOs and participants in European mobility programs from each of four participating countries attended a conference named “Mobility and European Citizenship” which was held from January 12 to 16, 2011 in Berlin. The project continued in spring when participants conducted study tours to organizations in all participating countries where short seminars and discussions were held. The study tours gave participants an opportunity to meet the local community, discuss their experiences with mobility and mobility programs and learn about current situation in the visited countries.


Conference Outcomes