July 2020

#Forum2000online Chat

Hopefully, you have had a chance to slow down a little and spend more time with you friends and family during the summer. We understand that you rather enjoy these warm and sunny days somewhere outside and that is why we will be releasing #Forum2000online Chats only on Tuesdays for the upcoming six weeks. But in case the weather disappoints you, we recommend to watch this interesting interview with Steven Levitsky, Professor of Government at Harvard University. He talks about the upcoming US presidential elections and he also reveals what keeps him awake at night. 

Michal Vašečka: Liberal democracy does not deliver

If we recover the original ideals and virtues of liberal democracy, not only we will be able to maintain it, but it will work even better, says Slovak sociologist, Michal Vašečka. Watch the full interview here. While watching the video, you can turn on English subtitles.

Timothy Snyder, Agnieszka Holland, Francis Fukuyama, Philip Zimbardo and many others demand free election in Belarus

The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal initiated a statement that brings attention to the escalating violence in Belarus before the upcoming presidential elections and expressed solidarity with brave people who are being arrested and demand their immediate release. We support the people of Belarus that demand respect for their rights and freedoms and stand for free and fair election. After its release, the statement was published e.g. by the Radio Free Europe or the Novaya Gazeta. Add your signature as well!

24th Forum 2000 Conference

Take a look at our #Forum2000archive videos full of interesting thoughts from previous Conferences. The 24th Forum 2000 Conference focused on restoring responsibility and solidarity is slowly approaching! Tune in for the upcoming discussions and watch Lobsang Sangay talking about leadership in today’s world or His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew addressing the importance of global solidarity.