Festival of Democracy 2019

Associated Program of the Forum 2000 Conference

International Cooperation in Non-Profit Sector: Benefits and Challenges

The non-profit sector in the V4 countries made significant progress over the past decades. Yet, there are still issues challenging NGOs on a daily basis. One of the most significant is funding, an essential precondition for every NGO to successfully fulfil its mission.

Thanks to the support of International Visegrad Fund, members from numerous non-profit organizations of the V4 Countries met on October 15th to discuss the benefits and challenges of international cooperation they face in their everyday practice. The outcome of the discussion is a document that summarizes the essential aspects of international cooperation and contains recommendations for organizations that are or are planning to be internationally active.

The workshop was part of the project International Cooperation in Non-Profit Sector: Benefits and Challenges. The first part of the project was a panel discussion and took part in the NGO Market in April 2019. Please, find the report from the discussion below. 

Report: Benefits and Challenges (Festival of Democracy 2019)

Report: Benefits and Challenges (NGO Market 2019)