Youth in Conflicts – Training on Conflict Management

April 11–19 2010, Břežany

The training course “Youth in Conflicts – Training on Conflict Management and Active Participation”, held on April 11–19, 2010, constitutes part of the educational activities of the Forum 2000 Foundation. The week-long course was attended by 24 representatives from 21 countries from the European Union and neighbouring regions, including, in many cases, individuals from areas affected by on-going conflicts. Participants gained knowledge about the roots of conflicts and the strategies suitable for conflict management through presentations, as well as their own activities and educational games. At the same time, they acquired tools for successfully resolving conflicts and tensions on the interpersonal and international levels. 

The training course took place at the lovely Brejlov Mill on the edge of the Sázava River. Participants and course leaders formed a very tight and friendly group and learned, quite naturally, not only about each other but also their countries and cultures. This atmosphere was underlined by intercultural evenings that introduced the history, culture and traditional food from the represented countries.

Course participants had the opportunity to introduce their non-governmental organisations to the Czech public during the NGO Market held on April 16th in Prague. Participation in the NGO Market provided them with the opportunity to establish useful contacts with other presenting organisations from the Czech Republic, as well as from abroad. Even if the daytime program was full, there were still some hours left for visiting Prague and its main attractions. 

During the course, participants also had the chance to test out the creation of their own projects within the scope of the “Youth in Action” program. The course gave participants not only new knowledge concerning conflicts and their management but also helped to establish cooperation that can lead to the development of new international projects. Last but not least, it led to the creation of new friendships. 

Participating countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia/FYROM, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

This project is financed by the EU program “Youth in Action”.


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