The Long Term Training Course (LTTC)

2006–2007, Česká Skalice, Prague 

The Long Term Training Course (LTTC) prepares young NGO activists and volunteers from Central and Eastern Europe to design and institute their own community building projects in their respective organizations. The course consists of two residence phases and one imple-mentation phase:

The first residence phase was a two-week long training session where participants learned how to plan and manage a project, obtain funding, organize events, organize volunteers, and more. Then participants could apply their project management skills by developing their own project that they are instituting upon returning to their home countries. Professionals with extensive experience in both non-formal education methods and NGO work are training the participants. These teachers use simulating, multicultural learning methods, peer-to-peer ex-perience exchange and other refined pedagogical techniques. Last year’s first phase took place between June 29th and July 7th 2006 in Česká Skalice.

The first phase was followed by a one-year realization phase. This is when the participants institute their project in their home countries. The participants maintain contact with Forum 2000 and the course teachers to exchange experiences and ask for advice.

The second residence phase takes place this summer, where the original participants and/or other representatives working on the same project attend a week long course, where they re-sume and evaluate their work. The participants learn about project sustainability and receive training on how to pass knowledge to junior members of their organizations.

Funding: The training has mainly been supported by the European Commission’s program Youth in Action and partially the International Visegrad Fund. The Forum 2000 hopes to per-manently establish the LTTC as a part of its educational program and start a new cycle every year.

Goals: The training aims to develop NGO management skills especially those pertaining to long term projects, project evaluation, follow up, long term fundraising, human resource man-agement and strategic planning. At the same time it serves a platform for young professionals from different countries to exchange ideas, experiences and contacts. 

Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia and Ukraine. 

Target group: Young people (19-25 years old) who are active in the NGO sphere, have experience with project management and would like to develop their organizational skills. 

Time and place: 26th of August - 3rd of September 2007, Česká Skalice, Czech Republic.

The Forum 2000 would greatly appreciate donations of any kind and form which would help us to realize and evolve the Long Term Training Course project. Thank you.