Pass on the experiences of political, economic and social transformation.
Czechoslovak Federal Republic, Czech Republic and Slovakia after the year 1989. Acquaint the project participants with functional political institutions and the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Plan for achievement: Raise the theoretical and practical knowledge of project participants through presentations by lecturers.

Mutual exchange of experiences between participants from target countries.
Plan for achievement: The basic problems that affect civil society in the target countries will be identified by means of discussion between participants and lecturers. Sufficient time will be given for mutual discussion and exchange of experiences during the first resident phase.

Help participants in the preparation of projects to be implemented in their own countries.
Plan for achievement: There will be a block of seminars that are aimed at the management and organization of projects in modelled situations. Sufficient time will be provided to produce project ideas. There will be the possibility for consultation and long-term cooperation between participants and lecturers and other experts, as they form network connections in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.