Process of World Integration – Alternative Visions

3rd Forum 2000 Conference

Process of World Integration – Alternative Visions

3rd Forum 2000 Conference
October 10–13 1999, Prague

Forum 2000 conference in 1999 followed up the topics dealt with at the previous two assemblies, although with a greater emphasis on the future. The topics of the first conferences may be seen as an attempt to describe the prospects of global development as a movement away from chaos and fragmentation towards a certain form of integrated global governance (via the intermediate stage of sovereign nation states with economies in transformation, the so-called emerging markets, and democracies with old values and institutions but new technologies).

The structure of the conference also reflected the form of past discussions which had revealed two basic attitudes to the issue of globalization: the attitude of the dynamically developed world that is the motivating force of globalization (in this sense the Centre) and the critical attitude of those countries which face serious problems on account of globalization (the Periphery). As the standpoints of the latter did not receive adequate attention at previous meetings, we are devoting the entire first day of the conference to them this time. Straddling these two attitudes are the new democracies tackling the problems of both worlds. The aim of the Forum 2000 conference in 1999 was to further develop a sense of the different scenarios possible.

A selection of photographs from the 3rd Forum 2000 Conference

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