Openness and Fundamentalism in the 21st Century

12th Forum 2000 Conference

Openness and Fundamentalism in the 21st Century 

12th Forum 2000 Conference
October 12-14, 2008 , Prague

The opening ceremony of the conference will take place on October 12 in Prague Crossroads. 

Among the topics discussed on the conference (October 13-14, 2008) will be:

  • Faiths and Fanaticisms
  • The Powerful and the Powerless
  • Modernity without Democracy
  • Plurality of Cultures and Democracy: Easy/Uneasy Relationships
  • Emergence of New Economic Powers and its Impact on the Traditional Western Economies
  • “Oh, When We Still Made Things…”: What Will be the Economic Future of Europe and North America?
  • Internationalization of Czech Companies: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Interfaith Dialogue I: Roots of Religious Extremism
  • Interfaith Dialogue II: Openness and Dialogue

Alongside the plenary sessions of the conference, there will be a number of associated events. 

The conference will be attended by over one hundred delegates from around the globe, mostly former or current heads of state, religious, spiritual and cultural leaders, chief officers of international institutions, prominent writers and thinkers, media representatives, global business leaders, analysts, and diplomats.

A selection of photographs from the 12th Forum 2000 Conference

More photographs can be found in the Photogallery

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