NGO Market 2020

The annual Non-profit Fair

About the Project

NGO Market is the largest event of its kind in Central Europe. Its aim is primarily to present the activities of non-profit organizations to the general public, to strengthen the capacities of people working in NGOs, and to support networking between the non-profit sector and its partners.

The twenty-first NGO Market, which will be held under the motto 'It's up to us!' will take place on Saturday, October 10, 2020 on Střelecký ostrov in Prague, sharing the date and venue with the Festival of Democracy. Both these events will be followed by the Forum 2000 Conference. We look forward to spending the day with all of you in person.

Active civil society is a key part of any functioning democracy, so the NGO Market will focus on how to help improve the environment around us and take responsibility for the world we live in. About 200 non-profit organizations from a wide range of fields, from social work, development aid and human rights to ecology, culture, and education, as well as their partners like businesses, embassies, and public bodies, will be present at the fair. More than 1,500 people visit the fair every year. NGO Market visitors will be able to try and participate in NGO activities. NGO representatives will have the opportunity to participate in capacity-building workshops.

A selection of photographs from the NGO Market