NGO Market 2020

The annual Non-profit Fair

About the Project

In regards to the development of the pandemic, this year's NGO Market will not be held in person for the first time in 20 years. For your and our safety, we have found a way to get the idea and mission of the NGO Market to you. You can look forward to the NGO Market 2020 during autumn in its online form. If you are interested in how it is possible to get involved in volunteering, or just do not know what non-profit organization you would like to support and want to learn about it? That's why there's an online NGO Market for you!

The NGO Market is the largest event of its kind in Central Europe. Its aim is to present the activities of non-profit organizations to the general public, to strengthen the capacities of people working in NGOs, and to support networking between the non-profit sector and its partners.

On Saturday, October 10, 2020, when we were to meet on Shooting Island, there will be an online discussion dealing with the issue of non-profit organizations and civil society. 

During November 2–6, 2020, there will be a "Week for the non-profit sector".  During this week, we will introduce to you non-profit organizations through a series of short video stories. The week for the non-profit sector will be complemented by an accompanying programme, including online discussions, which you can look forward to now. 

The highlight of this week for the non-profit sector will be the launch of a new podcast, in which representatives of individual non-profits will be given space. So that together with us you can discover who is behind each name organizations, as well as what motivates them every day to work, what they solve and what everything can actually be solved.

For representatives of non-profit organizations, we also prepare on-line professional workshops aimed at strengthening capacities.

This year's motto of the NGO Market is still very current: "Let's talk together". Let's talk together was chosen as this year’s theme, because our words have resounding power and can become impactful in many situations. Let´s explore together, how we can creatively find new ways to cultivate exchange views, how to conduct dialogue, how to express words, to inspire and have the courage to continue learning and educating.  

We will continually update all current information on the NGO Market website and social networks.

A selection of photographs from the NGO Market