NGO Market 2020

The annual Non-profit Fair

About the Project

We strongly believe that non-governmental organizations represent a key factor in a development of strong civil society and they have played a vital role in transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, NGOs should be provided with more opportunities and support in communicating with public, sharing experience, establishing new partnerships as well as further education and growth.

The NGO Market has long sought to ensure that the activities of non-profit organizations are not being downplayed or neglected. And we have been upholding a strong and stable position for non-profit organizations within our civil society.

This year's 21st edition of the online NGO Market is already behind us. The “Week for the non-profit sector” was organized during November 2–6, 2020. Many debates, workshops and film screening took place during this autumn. We also created and published more than 30 videos about Czech NGOs and launched new podcast!

The main goal of the podcast MLUVME SPOLU (=Let´s talk together) is to bring real stories of the NGOs closer to broad public

A selection of photographs from the NGO Market