Education, Culture and Spiritual Values in the Age of Globalisation

4th Forum 2000 Conference

Education, Culture and Spiritual Values in the Age of Globalisation

4th Forum 2000 C0nference
October 15– 18, 2000, Prague

For the past three years, Forum 2000 has brought together leading cultural, political, economic, spiritual and scientific leaders to discuss the key challenges we face as a global community. While much of the world's attention has been devoted to purely economic considerations, I believe that the more comprehensive approach taken by Forum 2000 has provided a necessary balance by integrating the diversity of issues we must face. This year's focus on the themes of education, cultural identity, and spiritual values as they relate to globalization and world integration will provide a useful complement to the World Bank/IMF meetings in Prague, culminating in a broader perspective of strategies for global development and the elimination of poverty. It is my hope that the synthesis of these two conferences will provide a realistic vision of the challenges that lie ahead and clarify the options which will both support growth and respect social and cultural diversity.

Any sustained development and integration must ultimately be based on an understanding and appreciation of cultural and social identities unique to each civilization. This year's Forum 2000 will address those concerns within the context of globalization and will, I believe, provide us with a better understanding of the paths we must take to promote a truly global community based on respect, cooperation, and sustained development.

Václav Havel
President of the Czech Republic

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