Democratic Solidarity Africa

Democratic Solidarity Africa

In response to the appeals from African democrats from within the Forum 2000 Community for greater representation of African voices in global and regional discussions, the commencement of Democratic Solidarity Africa (DSA) has been set in motion. The inception of Democratic Solidarity Africa is inspired by the accomplishments of Democratic Solidarity Latin America (DSLA), established in 2013 with goals of information exchange, mutual support, and collaborative actions aimed at bolstering democracy in the region. An idea of establishing an African counterpart to the Latin American initiative was put forward as part of the 27th Forum 2000 Conference.

Corruption, repression, and nepotism severely limit civil and political rights in Sub-Saharan Africa, exposing the deficiencies within existing governance systems. Despite sporadic progress, the region struggles with a critical issue of democratic fragility, as stagnant political regimes contribute to a worrying trend of diminishing democracy and increasing violence. The Democratic Solidarity Africa aims to tackle this challenge by promoting unity and solidarity among democracy defenders from the Sub-Saharan region.

The network aims to:

  • Foster, strengthen and cultivate solidarity among democracy advocates in the region through collaborative action on various pressing themes
  • Amplify African voices and perspectives in global and regional dialogues
  • Develop the project into a long-term and stable network


  • Mohamed Abubakr

  • Roukaya Kasenally

  • Jakub Klepal

  • Nyaradzo Mashayamombe (Chair)

  • Rudy Massamba


The launch of the project´s pilot version allowed the network to meet in person during  27th Forum 2000 Conference in Prague. Here, the participants had a unique chance to share their views on the most pressing challenges to democracy faced by Africans, the dilemmas of the recent waves of coups across the continent, the complexities of Russian and Chinese influences, and many more intriguing themes.

Selection of Photographs from the Conference Panel Discussions and Network Meetings

Audio Briefings

During the 27th Forum 2000 Conference, members of the DSA network had the opportunity to share their inputs in three audio briefings. These interviews covered three distinct perspectives on African democracy: the first focused on social justice, inclusivity, and questions of gender parity; the second delved into legal and constitutional aspects, and the role of the international community; the third one explored development strategies and fundraising initiatives.

Simbi Anzaya
Perspectives on Democracy in Africa: Importance of Social Justice, Inclusivity and Gender Parity

Tutu Alicante
Perspectives on Democracy in Africa: Role of Legislation and International Community

Rudy Massamba
Perspectives on Democracy in Africa: Focusing on Development Strategies and Fundraising