Democratic Solidarity 2014

Uncensored Resistance Exhibition

June 3 – July 19, 2014, Prague

The Forum 2000 Foundation and Langhans – People in Need Center would like to invite you to the exhibition “Uncensored Resistance,” which is taking place from June 3 until July 19, 2014 at the People in Need Center, Vodičkova 37, Prague 1. The Center is open from Monday to Saturday, 10.00–20.00.
The exhibition is dedicated to the current protests in Venezuela and portrays the situation from the point of view of the students and photographers who are participating actively in demonstrations across the country. The unrest began in mid-February 2014 and so far has resulted in dozens of deaths and thousands of detentions. At present, social media remain the sole uncensored communication tool for protesters in Venezuela. Therefore, the exhibit focuses on this aspect and captures in photographs the developments in the country from the perspective of the individual protesters.
Authors of the exhibiting photographs are Carlos Becerra, Enmanuel Cardozo, Elyxandro Cegarra, Diógenes Colina, Juan Manuel Hernández, Mariah Corina Redondo, Emmanuel Rodríguez, Luis Rodríguez, and Sebastián Sánchez.
The accompanying program of the exhibit featured screenings of short documentaries from the protests and guided tours which took place during the annual Prague Museum Night on June 14, 2014.

Exhibition opening


Second Democratic Forum of International Relations and Human Rights

January 28, 2014, Havana 

Democratic Solidarity supported the Second Democratic Forum of International Relations and Human Rights which was due to be held on January 28, 2014, in Havana, Cuba, in coordination with the Centre for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) and local civil society organizations.
The aim of the meeting was to discuss the incompatibility of the Cuban political regime with the Special Declaration about the Defense of Democracy and the Constitutional Order in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), but was subsequently cancelled due to repressive measures taken by the Cuban government. The wave of repression took place as Cuba hosted a regional summit of CELAC. The Democratic Solidarity strongly condemned the repressive measures of Cuban government.

Democratic Solidarity at the 2014 Conference

The 18th annual Forum 2000 Conference entitled „Democracy and Its Discontents: A Quarter-Century After the Iron Curtain and Tiananmen" was held in Prague and other European cities October 12-15, 2014. The Conference offered a critical reflection on the last 20–30 years of democratic transitions, assessed the current state of democracy, and explored aspirations for the future of democracy across regions, topics and generations. The participants included more than 200 global leaders from the areas of politics, academia, civil society, media, business and religion.

One of the main themes of the conference was democratization in Latin America. There were four panels throughout the conference focusing on the problems and challenges to democracy in Latin America, the situation of human rights and the growing opposition in an increasingly authoritarian environment. Apart from that, we organized film screenings and university discussions about the current situation in the region. 

Democratic Solidarity also organized its second workshop during the conference. The theme of the meeting was Democratic Solidarity: What Next? This workshop attracted political and civil society leaders as well as independent journalists from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador and the Czech Republic. During this workshop the participants establish a structure for the future collaboration. Democratic Solidarity has the ambition of becoming a Latin American platform that brings together various organizations, regional leaders from miscellaneous field of expertise to struggle for the amelioration of current situation of human rights and civil society in the region. 

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