Democracy and Freedom in a Multipolar World

13th Forum 2000 Conference

Democracy and Freedom in a Multipolar World

13th Forum 2000 Conference
October 11-13, 2009, Prague

Held traditionally under the auspices of Václav Havel, the thirteenth annual Forum 2000 Conference took place in Prague on October 11-13, 2009. Its theme was "Democracy and Freedom in a Multipolar World".

The opening ceremony was held on October 11 in the hall of Prague Crossroads, an international spiritual and cultural centre in St. Anne’s Church in Old Town. On October 12-13, the conference discussions and debates wew divided into thematic blocks (panels) and round tables accompanied by a series of events. Taking place in the Žofín Palace,the main part of the conference was divided into the following panel discussions:

  • Metamorphosis of Democracy after Cold War
  • Multi–polarity and Values
  • The Instruments of International Influence
  • What the Current Economic Crisis will Lead to?

The conference business and economy round tables focused on: "Shifting Values in Capitalism" and "Sustainable Business". The second day of the conference (October 13) was dedicated to Interfaith Dialogue – a discussion between prominent philosophers and representatives of various faiths. Hosted at the Žofín Palace, Laterna Magika, Goethe Institute and other places in Prague, the conference was accompanied by a series of events, panel discussions, round tables, seminars and workshops. Attended by a number of prominent delegates from around the world – former and current heads of government, leading religious, spiritual, and cultural personalities, directors of international institutions, famous writers and thinkers, media representatives, managers of multinational companies, analysts and diplomats – the conference was attended by over 3,000 observers – scientists, students, government officials, Czech and Central European business representatives, politicians, media companies and the interested public.

The conference was open to the public.

A selection of photographs from the 13th Forum 2000 Conference

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