Zhanna Nemtsova

Founder, Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom


Zhanna Nemtsova founded the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom in 2015, after her father was assassinated near Kremlin. The Foundation promotes the ideas of freedom and education in order to preserve her father's liberal political legacy.  The Foundation awards the Boris Nemtsov Prize to courageous Russians for their demonstrated dedication to fighting for democratic rights in Russia, hosts the annual Boris Nemtsov Forum in Berlin and supports Russian political prisoners and asylum seekers. The Boris Nemtsov Foundation in cooperation with the Charles University in Prague has recently launched the Boris Nemtsov Center for Russian Studies that has hosted  the inaugural Summer School of Journalism and Cultural Studies this summer. Zhanna currently works as a journalist at Deutsche Welle, there she hosts the Russian-language program "Nemtsova.Interview," which features discussions on current events with prominent politicians and opinion leaders. Nemtsova holds a bachelor’s of science degree in economics with a minor in foreign languages from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.