Gayane Abrahamyan

Member of Parliament


Gayane Abrahamyan is from the December 2018 a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Armenia. In 2016–2018, Ms. Abrahamyan was a President of the For Equal Rights Educational Center NGO. Ms. Abrahamyan was the director and anchor of TV Talk show Round Table on political, economic, social, educational and human rights issues. Between 2012 and 2013, Ms. Abrahamyan was a staff reporter and special projects editor in Armenianow online newspaper. She is a correspondent to Eurasianet online newspaper, writing stories and analysis about political, human rights and economic issues. In 2015 Ms. Abrahamyan was awarded with the Freedom of Speech Gyumri, special prize for TV projects and previously in 2014, she was the first winner of the UN Journalism Contest on Human Rights. Ms. Abrahamyan received a Diploma of excellence in art history, theory and art criticism at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.