Organizations and companies

Organizations and companies which share the values of democracy, human rights protection and strengthening the mutual tolerance in the world have a chance to become a one-time or a long-term partner of the Forum 2000 Foundation.

The Forum 2000 Foundation will feature their partner’s logo on promotional materials, in the annual report, on the website and at event venues. Furthermore, the partners will be invited to social and closed events throughout the year alongside other supporters and distinguished personalities which provide an excellent networking opportunity.

You can support the Forum 2000 Foundation in several different ways according to your preferences.

Support a project

Your organization or company can become a long-term partner of a specific project with goals or mission that are most in line with your values and work. For example, you can become the partner of the Forum 2000 Conference, NGO Market, Democratic Solidarity or other activities. You can find out more about the Forum 2000 Foundation’s projects in the Projects section.

Support the Forum 2000 Foundation

If you wish to support the work of the Forum 2000 Foundation as a whole and help us with our activities throughout the year, you can become a long-term partner of the Forum 2000 Foundation. Your support will be used to cover running costs of the Foundation and specific projects as needed.

Make a donation

If you prefer short-term ad hoc cooperation, you can support the Forum 2000 Foundation with a one-time donation.

You can contact us at for more information about the possibilities of cooperation between your organization/company and the Forum 2000 Foundation.