Yascha Mounk #Forum2000online

May 12, 2020

Countries all over the world are paying heavy price for the populists’ mismanagement. Some populist leaders have already exploited the crisis and freedom in Hungary has been quite effectively extinguished. However, the argument that populism will, in the long run, harm everyday life of the citizens is becoming more legible in times of pandemic and it may also provide impetus for pushbacks. From the perspective of liberal democracy, this crisis weakens the position of populists and makes it more likely that they will fail to consolidate power, says Yascha Mounk, political analyst, Associate Professor at John Hopkins University and the next guest of our #Forum2000online Chat.  It is more probable that Joe Biden will win the November elections as Donald Trump’s haphazard response to the crisis will only lead to longer-lasting economic damage and will make Americans angry. We might also see real political instability in dictatorships like Russia or Iran. It is fundamental that the democratic community will deal with the pandemic better than autocratic countries as we are going to be judged by that for a long time.  We need to ensure that people continue to see the deep relevance and importance of liberal democratic values.

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This video was recorded on May 5, 2020.