William Kristol #Forum2000online

July 2, 2020

There is no alternative in 2020 but to vote democratic. I very strongly believe that the second term of Donald Trump would be much more damaging to the country than the first term of Joe Biden. President Trump doesn’t really expect people to believe his lies. But the ability to lie and not be called out on it is itself just the exercise of his authoritarian power. Donald Trump is not a very competent authoritarian, which is good, but he can still do a lot of damage to our institutions, norms and political culture – and that is the thing people underestimate, says William Kristol, political analyst and founder of The Weekly Standard.

Where is democracy heading? Is our freedom in danger? Inspired by the global COVID-19 lockdown, the #Forum2000online Chats offer interviews with politicians, experts, human rights defenders, journalists and diplomats – relevant and interesting people from the Forum 2000 network - discussing the most significant current developments and looking at how they impact the future of democracy and freedom.

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The video was recorded on June 18, 2020.

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