Vladimir Kara-Murza #Forum2000online

June 18, 2020

Putin is reopening the country and lifting all the quarantine measures in order to hold the so-called „plebiscite“ on July 1 - which would enable him to stay in the office until 2036. Part of the opposition says that we should boycott this vote, but many other opposition figures are saying that they will still go and vote no, just to make it more difficult for the authorities to falsify the result. Public trust in Putin has plummeted and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Kremlin to conceal the growing public sentiment in opposition. If there is something that can stop and prevent Putin’s plans for lifetime rule, it would be public opposition from Russian society, says Vladimir Kara-Murza, leading Russian opposition figure, journalist and long-time colleague of Boris Nemtsov.

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This video was recorded on June 16, 2020.