Uniting against authoritarian regimes is vital #Forum2000online

April 8, 2021

"We have the foreign powers that want to undermine the public mind - the public spirit - the very concepts of our freedom," says Mr Tenzer in this week's interview.

Nicolas Tenzer is an academic, civil servant, author of 21 books, and editor who currently works as the chairman and editor of the editorial board of the journal Le Banquet. He is also the founding president of the Center for Study and Reflection for Political Action (CERAP). His academic interests revolve around the history, current reality and future of democratic practice which were also the topics of our #Forum2000online chat. In the discussion, Mr Tenzer explained why democratic powers need to take legal actions against authoritarian regimes in order to remain trustworthy in the eyes of the national but also the international community.

"If we turn the blind eye to the crimes they are doing, eventually they will win."

The interview was recorded on March 31, 2021, and moderated by Jan Šnaidauf, Director of Policy Planning at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Member of the Forum 2000 Program Council.