Torture cases in Russia are not invisible anymore #Forum2000online

February 11, 2021

„The first and main step when you are dealing with the problem is to talk about the problem, to show that the problem exists and to illustrate how the reality looks like.“ 

Olga Sadovskaya, Head of the International Legal Protection Department of the Committee Against Torture, was the guest of our #Forum2000online Chat. We talked about violation of human rights in Russia and the importance of bringing these events on the daylight and in media. The Committee Against Torture is existing for more than 20 years and leads the investigation of torture cases using their own methodology helping the victims to manage reach court hearing and consequently, justice. Since their existence, the organization litigated over 7000 cases. 

„But believe me, it is a good sign, that you are able to get information about what is happening in the state, because when we started to work on the issue, twenty years ago, it was absolutely invisible type of crime.“ 

The interview was recorded on February 4, 2021 and moderated by Arzu Geybulla, Columnist and Writer from Azerbaijan.