The importance of bottom-up demand for sustainable India #Forum2000online

March 18, 2021

Revolutionary changes happen when the interests of the elite and those vulnerable to climate change converge, highlights Arunabha Ghosh. He spoke about the potential of renewable energy sources – neccessary pre-requisites for more sustainable future of India, which currently represents one of the most sustainable economies in the world.

Dr Arunabha Ghosh is the founder-CEO of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), one of the leading policy research institutions in Asia. He is also a public policy professional, adviser, author, and columnist, previously involved with Princeton, Oxford, WTO, or United Nations Development Programme.

In our #Forum2000online Chat Dr Ghosh talks about the importance of civic participation and youth engagement in solving the climate change challenges. He also lines up the main areas for improvement and follow-up strategies for more sustainable India.

“Our job is to take our data, our analysis and our strategic outreach to explain and change the use, re-use and misuse of resources,“ comments Dr Ghosh on the work of CEEW ranked among the 20 best climate think-tanks in the world.