The 5 Big Ideas

October 30, 2020

„We are once again in dark, difficult, daunting times, but if we have these four: truth, solidarity, strategy and responsibility, there will be brighter times ahead.”

Timothy Garton Ash


The online discussions of the 24th Forum 2000 Conference “A New World Emerging? Restoring Responsibility and Solidarity” were fruitful, diverse and very dynamic. However, summarizing the meeting outcomes, we have identified 5 areas which we call “The 5 Big Ideas”. Regarding the following focal points, there was a broad consensus among the Conference speakers on both classification and possible ways forward:

  1. We need to restore international solidarity and responsibility.
  2. COVID-19 must not overshadow the mounting technological and environmental challenges.
  3. Democratic forces need to firmly support each other.
  4. We must both defend and renew democracy.
  5. Democracies need to take initiative to sustain a fair and stable global order.

Please, find the full document here.

“If we understand the conditions which today´s authoritarian leaders make use of, then we are able to fight the politics of demonization by using the politics of compassion, the politics of solidarity, and the politics of empathy.”

Erika Guevara Rosas