Russian disinformation campaigns distort everyday life in Ukraine #Forum2000online

April 22, 2021

“Fight against disinformation is a daily routine for Ukrainians.“

Vitaliy Moroz works as the Head of New Media at Internews Ukraine, one of the leading media NGOs in the country. As an expert on internet technology and freedom, cybersecurity, and digital communication, Mr Moroz oversees programs aimed at promoting digital security (, fact-checking (, and internet freedom and digital rights ( for journalists and civil society. Previously, he also worked as a Program Manager at Freedom House’s Kyiv office. In our newest #Forum2000online Chat, Mr Moroz talks about the threat that Russia poses toward Ukraine in the physical but also informational sphere. What are Russia´s intentions and how does the Ukrainian government as well as civil society counter the daily flow of misinformation?   

“All these developments should be seen in the broader context – what is the goal of Kremlin, what is the popularity of the authoritarian regime, what challenges they face and how they try to solve their own problems by means of external aggression.“ 

The interview was recorded on April 19, 2021, and moderated by Arzu Geybulla, columnist and writer from Azerbaijan.