Rosa María Payá Acevedo #Forum2000online

May 5, 2020

Cuba needs assistance and calls for help of the international community – the priority should be the Cuban people. The recommendations for hygiene maintenance are not possible for many as the supply of tap water is insufficient and some citizens are not able to wash their hands for seven days in a row. Food shortage is severe and small businesses are subject to persecution, police violence, and high fines. We are convinced that the official numbers are only a small percentage of the total cases, says Rosa María Payá Acevedo, the Cuban democracy activist and the guest of #Forum2000online Chat. Cuba’s economy was already in a crisis before pandemic. The fundamental economic activity of the Cuban dictatorship is of criminal origin, including the so-called medical missions which are form of human trafficking and exploitation of Cuban doctors. If there is something that the world is discovering now, it is the importance of freedom and democracy which allow us to live with dignity. The Cuban dictatorship is a threat which is now being catalysed by the pandemic.

Cuban civil society pushed for a wake-up call and an international call for solidarity. Those interested can find more information here.

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