Remembering November 1989: Will environmental challenges shake the system again?

November 13, 2020

Join us in upcoming discussion!

We fondly remember November 17 as the day that brought back freedom and democracy to Czechoslovakia. We sometimes forget, however, that the frustration with an omnipresent ecological devastation was among the key motivations that led Czechoslovak society to finally rise and face its communist oppressors. Today, environmental challenges are again making people, especially young ones, cry for change and swift action. How to save a healthy climate and keep liberal democracy at the same time?

We will talk about that during the online debate on November 17, 2020, at 4 PM (CET). The event called “Remembering November 1989: Will environmental challenges shake the system again?” is organized in cooperation with the British Embassy in the Czech Republic.

The discussion will be attended by Bedřich Moldan, Founder, Director, Environment Center, Charles University, Ralf Fücks, Managing Director, Center for Liberal Modernity and Anna Gumplová, Vice-President, Green Party, Steve Crawshaw, Policy & Advocacy Director, Freedom from Torture. The event will be moderated by columnist and writer Arzu Geybullayeva.

The live stream will be available on our Facebook page.

We will symbolically end this year’s Festival of Democracy on this momentous day - and we will reflect on how some of the topics of 1989 are still relevant for us today.