Péter Krekó #Forum2000online

April 21, 2020

Hungary has become a hybrid regime, somewhere in between democracy and dictatorship, says Péter Krekó, executive director of the Political Capital in Budapest and the next guest of the #Forum2000online Chat. In times of pandemic, Hungarian government gives money to the pro-governmental businessmen and abuses its political and economic power. Viktor Orbán controls the parliament and he will be the one who decides when the state of emergency is over. In the last two decades, the democratic world has not faced such a challenge when it comes to its rivalry with authoritarian regimes. We need to see more external pressure and evidence-based criticism from the EU member states and the United States. Orbán wants to stay within the EU and he knows he needs to make some compromises. Once the pandemic is over, we should come up with good redistribution mechanisms, otherwise, the inequality will lead to another rise of populism.

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