Patricio Navia #Forum2000online

October 29, 2020

General elections were held in Bolivia on October 18, 2020 – former Minister of Economy (during the Evo Morales presidency), Luis Arce, was elected President of Bolivia. MAS Party (Movement for Socialism) won in both chambers and therefore, gained the absolute power to make any reforms it wants.

Why after a year of protests against Morales and MAS, did MAS return to power in the elections? The interim government of Janine Añez, the interim president, did quite poorly in handling the pandemic, says Patricio Navia, Chilean political scientist & columnist.

The polarization of Bolivian society remains the greatest challenge for the new President-elect Luis Arce, highlights Navia. According to him, Bolivia’s example also represents a lesson (not only) for the whole Latin American region – the opposition needs to be united and has to present a credible alternative for people.