NGO Market 2021 online: coming soon ...

February 12, 2021

Each year, we organize the NGO Market with renewed energy. During the Week for the Non-Profit Sector, we provide space for the NGOs to bring their stories to the public and to share their experiences. Our goal is always to show the faces of the real people who stand behind non-governmental organizations. In 2021, it will be no different, although we will meet again online this year.

The 2021 Online Week for the Non-Profit Sector will take place on 19-23 April.

Non-governmental organizations will have the opportunity to take part in professional workshops and debates. You will learn how to work with volunteers and support NGOs in various areas and by different means. The topics will be as diverse as the NGOs themselves and will go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. During the event, you will learn what problems the non-profit organisations try to solve, what issues they want to address, and how they do it. You will get a chance to see insights from the day-to-day work of many passionate professionals and to engage in debates and discussions with the non-profit sector specialists.

The full program and further information regarding the event will appear soon on this website and our Facebook page.

We are looking forward to seeing you!