Neoliberal systems face the crisis of democracy #Forum2000online

May 13, 2021

“Both the element of equality and the element of popular sovereignty, which are crucial values of democracy, have been left aside.“ 

Chantal Mouffe is a Belgian political theorist and former Professor at the University of Westminster. She also held research positions at Harvard, Cornell, the University of California, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and others. Together with Ernesto Laclau, Professor Mouffe co-authored a very influential “Hegemony and Socialist Strategy“ – the magnum opus of the so-called Essex School of discourse analysis. As an expert on democratic theory, in this week´s #Forum2000online Chat Professor Mouffe talked about the crisis that liberal democracies around the globe seem to face. In this respect, the pandemics exacerbated the existing problems but also brought about completely new challenges in terms of exercising democratic powers. 

“People are already accepting a series of limitations of their liberty which they would never have accepted before.“ 

The interview was recorded on May 6, 2021, and moderated by Arzu Geybulla, Azerbaijanian journalist and member of the Forum 2000 Program Council.