Joshua Wong #Forum2000online

May 7, 2020

Political activity in Hong Kong has been intensifying again recently. Arrests of several prominent activists indicate that the government may be taking advantage of the distraction caused by the pandemic.

Hong Kong citizens are planning and ready to take back to the streets again in the upcoming months as the numbers of confirmed cases dropped to zero in the past few days. The pandemic empowered the pro-democratic camp and dissatisfaction with the city leader has been increasing. Will Beijing cancel the upcoming legislative elections in September? My prediction is, that if pro-democratic camp wins the majority in the legislative council, Beijing might recognize that as a constitutional crisis and might unseat democratically elected lawmakers, says Hong Kong activist and the leader of the political party Demosistō, Joshua Wong. We need to see global actions and continue with the protests – Hong Kong has to be under the global spotlight. The pandemic showed the world, what the “threat of China” really means.

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