Freedom for Belarus

Before the upcoming presidential elections planned for August 9, 2020, the regime in Belarus started its crackdown on the society and political opposition. The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal initiated a statement that brings attention to the escalating violence in Belarus, expressed solidarity with brave people who are being arrested and demand their immediate release. According to Andrei Sannikov, political and social activist, the international solidarity is absolutely crucial in the future political development in Belarus. Among the statement's supporters are Timothy Snyder, Agnieszka Holland, Francis Fukuyama, Philip Zimbardo and many others.

International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR) a Forum 2000 Foundation project, which is a global initiative of a group of intellectuals, activists and politicians concerned with the expansion of power and Influence of authoritarian regimes and the simultaneous weakening of democratic systems from within. The ICDR aims to reaffirm the fundamental principles of democracy, to take the offensive against the authoritarian opponents of democracy, and to demonstrate solidarity with the brave people who are fighting for freedom in undemocratic systems around the world.