Democracy roots in Togo #Forum2000online

February 18, 2021

“And people sometimes, they assume that because they don’t hear from Togo or they don’t hear about Togo, it means that we are enjoying our live in very small beautiful and peaceful country, where people maybe go to have fun and to the beach and enjoy themselves.” 

Farida Nabourema, human rights activist from Togo, was the guest of our #Forum2000online Chat. Through more than 400 articles, she denounces corruption and dictatorship and promotes a form of progressive pan-Africanism. In 2018, she was listed as one the 4 Crusaders of Democracy in The World by Time magazine and in 2019 she was listed as one of the Most Influential African Women.  

We talk with about her personal story, when she had to be in exile for several years and what made her feel better about being far away from home. Farida is also describing the vision of social and political change, the reality of the dictatorship in Togo, how to activate new generation and how activism has changed with the evolution of the internet. When asked about the international (often well-meant) aid for Togo, she replied: 

„I do understand that when somebody is in pain, you find them painkiller to reduce the amount of pain they are feeling. But the wrong thing is to present the painkiller as a main treatment to cure the disease when the infection is still there, and the person is still rotting. “ 

The interview was recorded on February 16, 2021 and moderated by Tony Curzon Price, Economist and Advisor from the United Kingdom.