Cristiana Chamorro #Forum2000online

December 17, 2020

Cristiana Chamorro, defender of the freedom of expression and access to public information in Nicaragua, was the guest of our #Forum2000online Chat. She is explaining unusually complicated situation that Nicaragua is currently facing. This state is caused by combination of recent hurricanes, COVID-19 pandemic, and the dictatorship. 

The dictatorship government is completely failing in the crisis and is unable to provide help to its citizens. Instead, it is only putting more pressure on civil society in the intention of maintaining the dictatorship.  

Ms. Chamorro sees a way to help Nicaragua by the pressure of the international community. She also highlights the importance of the Nicaragua’s geopolitical position (Nicaragua being in the center of the North and South America). Therefore, the state of Nicaragua’s affairs could affect many countries in the region. 

“For me, this is like a cry out of the people calling for a change, for a total change in Nicaragua and its political system.” 

The interview was recorded on December 15, 2020.