Change of American administration: return to normalcy? #Forum2000online

January 21, 2021

“This was an election for the soul of America and on January 20 in the mid-afternoon we will have in the oval office somebody, who is decent, somebody, who believes in liberal democracy, who believes in integrity.”

Charles A. Kupchan, Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, was the guest of our #Forum2000online Chat. We talked about the change of the American administration, the current state, and possible future developments of both the US domestic and foreign policy.

Professor Kupchan highlighted the need of learning from the past and looking for ways of addressing needs of frustrated Americans who voted for Trump and are likely to support likeminded candidates in the future. He highlighted that the core of the problem is the economic insecurity, particularly industrial heartland, where wages must decline, and jobs will disappear.

In regard of the international order, we can expect that President Biden will support Transatlantic cooperation on many different levels and especially when addressing threats and challenges coming from China.

The interview was recorded on January 19, 2021 and moderated by Irena Kalhousová.