Latin American Insight

Latin Amecian Insight is a series of scholarly articles which focus on analysis of current Latin American issues. This project was initiated in 2011 by the Forum 2000 Foundation in cooperation with Respekt Institut and Association for International Affairs. Its aim is to raise the level of knowledge about Latin American reality in the Czech Republic.
“Latin America has ceased to be outside the global geopolitical interests and has become an attractive region, both economically and for its potential in terms of the ability to weigh the balance of power in the world. While there are a few strategic association treaties between the U.S. and the European Union and some Latin American countries like Chile, Mexico or Brazil, a lot remains to be done on integration matter. For their part, countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua remain in a deep uncertain process of political and social transformation that moves them away from the trend towards integration. The Latin American Insight aims to open lines of analysis on these issues and raise the level of knowledge about Latin American reality in the Czech Republic.”
Carlos González Sháněl
Head of the Center for Research and Analysis on Latin America (CASLA), Respekt Institut

Articles released

Carlos Ferrer: The Fundamentals of the U.S. Embargo against Cuba. National Interest or Political Game?
May 2011