Inclusion of Minority Youth – A Tool to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion

March 25 – April 1, 2011, Štip, Macedonia/FYROM

The international training course, “Inclusion of Minority Youth – A Tool to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion” took place in the city of Štip in Macedonia/FYROM from March 25 to April 1, 2011. The course was designed for young workers and volunteers who came from 16 countries from the European Union, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Caucasus. The aim of the training was to support the fight against racism, xenophobia, discrimination and exclusion of immigrants and minorities as well as to promote mutual understanding. The course also provided participants with the necessary tools, methods and knowledge for realization of projects which will enhance the inclusion of migrants and minorities on the local, national and European levels.
Representatives from Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia/FYROM, Moldavia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom participated in the course.

The training was organized by the Macedonian organization Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying – PEL.